First for all Ichnusa, is the name of the most popular Sardinian-made beer, which is brewed close to Cagliari.
The name is derived from an ancient legend: in the beginning, after creating all the parts of the earth, the Lord started to create Sardinia.
He looked inside his heavenly basket, but he realized that there wasn't much left to mould an island, just a pile of poor stones.
But the hesitation lasted only a moment, after gathering the stones he scattered them in the sea and when he saw the last of them surface, he stamped them with his foot, and the first shape of Ichnusa took place.
God's work was not over though: something had to be added for life to be possible among those bare stones.
Therefore the Lord took what was missing in Ichnusa from the other lands and, scattered it on the stony base of the island, covering it with a wonderful nature, then created men and animals with a breath of life.
This is, in a few words, the origin of the name Ichnusa, which means footprint.
The name Sardinia, instead, is supposed to be derived from Sardus, a Berber hero who came from Africa.