IchnusaBike Adventures is an active tourism portal which is a collaboration between ISLA TRAVEL TO who runs trips on the site and a group of tourist, nature and bike guides with a passion for Sardinia, cycling and sports in general.
IchnusaBike was born in 2003 but at the end of 2016,  we have implemented the bike tour and bike rental services with other activities that some of us practice in both professional and personal passion.

Marcello. The handyman
If you come on a tour  in Sardinia may be that you will see only  him  or not at all, but you owe your tour to him.
Nature guide, bike guide with a passion for Sardinia and  long-haul journeys to discover other cultures.

Amos. The creator of Transardinia West.
Don't suggest he should buy a full bike.
He'll tell you that you might be a few seconds faster downhill, but he'll outdistance you by minutes uphill.
It may not be so, but he'll surely try to!
Bike guide, Mountain bike and off-road expert qualified by the Italian Cycling Federation.

Franco. The Ichnusologist.
He knows Sardinia (formerly callaed Ichnusa) as the back of his hands... the passion for cycling is an old story, almost as the rocks of Nuraghi, our prehistorical towers settled in every corner of the island!
As a Guide and Nature Guide, He will tell a lot of histories and anecdotes about the magical places you'll cross!

Mauro. The great technician.
Nature and bike  guide with a passion for mountains and mountain biking
It has excellent skills in cartography and gps routes design.