This is a list of frequently asked questions that in recent years, we have received from other travelers interested in our bike rental services in Cagliari or Sardinia

Which accessories are provided to the delivery of the bike?
Unless otherwise agreed we will provide a small bag with: repair kit, spare tube, lock and a small air pump

Do you Also provide helmets?
Helmets are not included in the bike rental fee but you can rent one by stating it on our reservation form.

Are your bicycles equipped with bike lamps?
Our bikes are not equipped with lights but you can rent one once you at the time of filling of the booking form.
On request we also provide a comfortable reflective vest that will make you more visible on the road.

What happens if the bike is damaged during the rental period?
Except those due to normal use, you are responsible for any damage to the bicycle,
Take care of the bike as if it were your own.

Should I leave a deposit?
Before the pick-up of the bike, the payment of the rental fee must be made and each person is required to deposit 50/75 euros cash which will be refunded upon the return of the bike and other equipment.

What happens if someone steals your bike?
Our bikes are not insured against theft and we cannot insure the individual bike rentals but in 10 years of activity, we had only 6 bikes stolen and of course it happened because customers who had rented them did not follow our instructions and acted irresponsibly.
Remember that when you hire a bike you are responsible for any or damage theft

Can I return the bike before the deadline?
In principle, we make an appointment with you for the return of the bike but if you need to return the bike ahead of schedule, we suggest you to contact us via phone or sms because at some time we may be out of the office for bike tours and bike delivery.

Is it possible to return the bike to another location?
With our convenient  bike shipment service, we can ship the bike to the main cities of Sardinia and in the most important tourist places on the island.
This service allows you for example to have the bike and drop it off in Alghero or Olbia to Cagliari and vice versa.
The service can be booked in the extras section of our booking form.

Are there any discount available for groups or for long period rental?
If you are a small group of at least 4 people or 2 people for more than 8 days,  we could consider a customized discount.

Do you organized guided bike trips ?
On request with minimum of two people, we are at your disposal for any kind of bike trip that will allow us to show you the best spots of the city of Cagliari or the south of Sardinia.

Where can I find a campings list?
If you are looking for a campings list  to scout Sardinia by bike, visit our page with some recommended campgrounds