6 Things to Carry on a Cycling Trip in Sardinia

6 Things to Carry on a Cycling Trip in Sardinia

Sardinia is a paradise for cyclists. The gorgeous island in the Mediterranean Sea which has 2,000 kms of coastline is filled with rugged mountains and white sandy beaches. Every year, a large number of cycling enthusiasts trot down to the second largest island in the Mediterranean. Some are professionals looking for a challenge while others are looking to relax and soak in the views while idly pedalling away solo or with their family. When taking a cycling trip in Sardinia,be it in Cagliari or following the La Costa Del Sud, there are is some items to keep in mind with you for the trip. Here are the 10 things that every cyclist should carry with them when on a cycling trip in Sardinia  (your cycle is always there so we won’t count that!).



  1. A Water Bottle

This is a must. The body is made up on 70% water and drinking sea water is not the best of ideas. Cycling through the sunny Island of Sardinia can be very dehydrating so you should keep sipping some water as your cycle through the gorgeous scenic villages of Sardinia.

  1. Snacks

Cycling is a heavy physical activity which burns calories really fast. If you do not keep snacking or keep some emergency snacks, you can really burn out or get exhausted before you even complete half the cycling trip. Skip the chips and chocolates and go for dry fruits or savour some hearty local dishes to keep your body fit and light like your surroundings. A cyclist needs to watch his diet!


  1. Sunblock and Sunglasses

You’ll be spending a great amount of time in the outdoors. It’s always good to get some Vitamin D but remember to carry some sunglasses and sunblock to protect your skin and eyes from the sun throughout the day. SPF 15 is the best choice and look for pairs of sunglasses that block at least 99% of UVB rays and at least 95% of UVA rays


  1. Camera

Some things are meant to keep you healthy and energetic. But a camera is a must when visiting Sardinia so that you can share these memories and reminisce when back in your hometown. Capture the breathtaking landscape and ancient buildings while cycling through the gorgeous towns. Why not click a photo of the delicious italian dishes of cheese being served on your platter while you take a pit stop?


  1. Change of Clothes

Cycling can be sweaty work, especially in the heat where there are beaches and greenery around you. Keep a change of clothes with you incase you get wet or decide to take a dip when you reach one of the famous beaches of Sardinia such as Is Aruttas, Chia, or Spiaggia di Piscinas. Its ok if you keep your change of clothes in the hotel and carry just a small towel also since going to heavy can be annoying.

  1. Cash or Card

Today no matter where you go, you just need to carry cash or card for ANY need you have while on your cycling through Cagliari. Need a water bottle? Need to purchase a meal? Or do you want to try visiting a local museum or supermarket? It’s always handy to have some quick cash available on hand so that you can have the full experience.


We, at Ichnusa Bike Trips, ensure that you have the best and safest experience while cycling through our home and would proudly assist you with any requirement you have. Along with all these tips and items, we also offer overnight accommodation which helps you find the perfect cycling holiday without having to look elsewhere to make your trip a success! We look forward to seeing you soon!

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