Murales in Sardinia

Murales in Sardinia

A brief history of muralism in Sardinia.

The muralism starts in Sardinia at the end of the sixties, promoted by several artists which most important are Pinuccio Sciola, the “Collective Dioniso” and Francesco Del Casino.

Muralism in Sardinia develops itself in two different ways:
One in  Orgosolo as a social movement and a demonstration of political involvement.
Another one, as an instrument to keep alive and show everyone the peculiarity of the culture and traditions in other places as San Sperate.
Indeed, in this case, they show activities, every-day-scenes, tiruals and traditions of rural society, traditions, that have been forgotten due to what we use to call “modern society”.

Murals are done not just to make the cities look beautiful, but they are made to remember people their roots and prevent the historical memory to disappear.
Murals continuously change: some of them are protected and always renovated, the other after getting old and faded are replaced with new ones.
A lot of towns in Sardinia already have or are making murals right now, but we can suggest you some specific places where we already have been and that made us feel something really special.

One of those is San Sperate, in the south of the island, that from the 60ies to these days is defined as “city-museum”.
Reaching the middle of the island you can visit Orgosolo and Fonni where the murals talk about political involvement, history, poorness and social conflicts of a society in transition between the old and modern times.
After carrying political messages for a while, murals of the 70ies and 80ies have been replaced by those focused on activities representing bucolic society.

On the west coast, on the Planargia plateau, we suggest you stop by and visit Tinnura, a small town that you can reach by joining our bike tour “Passaggio ad Ovest” and “Terra e Mare”.
With “West Passage”, if are well trained and if you have already experience with biking tours, you can explore the west coast; otherwise if you are at the beginning of your bike experience or if you want to join us with your family and your kids “Terra e Mare” offers you the opportunity  to visit a peculiar part of Sardinia between the Planargia tableland and the Sinis peninsula

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