Things to do in Cagliari and southern Sardinia in one day

Things to do in Cagliari and southern Sardinia in one day

Do you still have one day to spend in Cagliari?
This is what we suggest to do in the city or in southern Sardinia, whether you are in complete autonomy or you decide to rely on our guides and our partners.

1: Molentargius park and the Poetto beach.
If you are not tired of biking, by following the GPX track that we will send you via email (you will need to install an app on your smartphone) you could visit Molentargius Park and stop by the beach at Poetto for a quick swim, for lunch or enjoy an aperitif in front of the sea.
For centuries, Molentargius, just a few kilometres away from the city centre, has been the most important salt extraction based in Sardinia.
The salt extraction activity ended in 1985 but in 1999, to promote this area protected by the Ramsar Convention, the Molentargius Saline Regional Nature Park was established.
The park includes a fragile ecosystem of 1600 hectare with fresh and saltwater ponds, separated by a strip of land that is home to numerous waterfowls which the best known is the famous pink flamingo.

2: Fascinating Campidano: bike tour + wine tasting
If you love wine you can buy one of our guided tours (Il Fascino del Campidano) where you will have the opportunity to enjoy the areas outside the city, visit the fascinating “museum- village” of San Sperate and discover some of the most renowned producers of wines and agri-food products of southern Sardinia.

3: Hiking on the “Devil’s Saddle”
If you think you have cycled enough during one of our tours, we suggest you take the bus and visit the “Devil’s Saddle”. Climb up on that promontory you can enjoy a unique view of the sea and of the city of Cagliari.

4: Kayaking around the Devils’ Saddle
If you are looking to connect with nature especially with the sea, we organize Kayak excursions around the Devil’s Saddle.
A unique experience that will make you learn more about this part of the coast and appreciate the colours of the water and the shapes of this promontory that has begun the symbol of the city.

5: Boat tour in southern Sardinia
Do you want to experience the sea without paddling? Why not take an exciting boat ride in southern Sardinia with one of our partners?
You will enjoy a unique panorama of this part of Sardinia.

6: Trekking at “Parco dei Sette Fratelli”
Are you a mountain lover?
With just an hour by bus, you will be able to walk through the “Parco dei Sette Fratelli”.
This is one of the largest and best-preserved forests in Sardinia, with various woods of holm oak, cork oak and Mediterranean scrub.

7: History, art and archaeology in Cagliari and surroundings.
Would you like to find out more about the history of Sardinia?
Why not visit the historic Castello district and the Cittadella dei Musei? Or why not go to Nora by bus?
The Cittadella dei Musei is the museum in the centre of the city where the most important historical-artistic collections of Cagliari are hosted.
Nora, about 30 km from Cagliari, was one of the most important Phoenician, then Punic and Roman cities of Sardinia.
Due to various invasions, it was abandoned until 1889 when a strong storm brought to light a part of the old city.

8: Walking tour and Food tasting in Cagliari
Do you just want to wander in the city and experience its multiple souls?
Why not visit the San Benedetto Market? For genuine gastronomy lovers, but also for those who appreciate the picturesque atmospheres, the civic market of San Benedetto is without any doubt one of the spots that you should not miss in Cagliari.

9: The last purchases
Are you looking for something to bring home to remind you about the holiday you have spent in Sardinia?
We suggest you visit the historic districts of Marina and Villanova and their shops where you can find souvenirs or taste and buy typical agricultural and food products.
Here you can discover sever ateliers of our artisans.
Villanova is a charming historic district of Cagliari made up of narrow streets and houses with many colours.
So special that you will not recognize to be in the city, but you will feel as you were walking in a calm and peaceful village.
This is a neighbourhood where different cultures and nationalities live together peacefully and where old shops and craft shops coexist with luxurious and modern boutiques.
In the Marina district, in addition, to visit the various souvenir, food and wine shops, we suggest you take a look at Mundu Sardu (Via Barcellona 56).
A photo studio where you can try on a traditional dress and take a nice picture with a reproduction of a typical Campidanese house in the background (typical house of southern Sardinia).
The end of the day has arrived and you might be looking for something to eat.
Read our post with the advice for restaurants restaurant we have personally tried with our individual customers and groups of travellers.

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