Top 9 reasons to visit Sardinia

Top 9 reasons to visit Sardinia

Have you ever been to sardinia?
These are our reasons to come and visit by bike, on foot and by any other means allowing you to experience your stay slowly.

After Sicily, we are the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, off of the coast of central Italy and a little under Corsica. Corsica being the other large island in this quadrant of the sea from which we are separated by the Straits of Bonifacio and related through similar traditions.

The climate in Sardinia is very mild, except during some rainy periods. You will never find a weather situation so averse to keep you from discovering this land.
The coastal areas have a minimum temperature of 10 degrees or higher in winter. However, during the daytime, there is a temperature that in other countries of the world would be considered spring-like weather.
Sardinia is beautiful in the spring when it is covered with every colour and is suggestive in late summer and autumn when the mass tourism leaves the island but the weather still allows you to swim in the sea and enjoy the sun, spaces and life of the outdoors.
With over 200 days of sunshine, the island is a perfect destination for all types of outdoor activities.

Landscapes and Low population density
In an island that is 300 km long and almost 200 km wide and with a population of just over 1.5 million inhabitants, one-third of whom live in the surrounding area of ?? Cagliari, the capital, you will find spaces and landscapes where you can lose yourself and enter into contact with nature.
You’ll find spectacular beaches and horizons to be reached; you will find deserts, mountains and a multitude of colours and natural environments.
You will find small villages where time has moved on without necessarily destroying the traces of the past because its inhabitants were so stubborn that they decided to preserve their traditions.
Finally, all of Italy is beautiful, but Sardinia still has the charm of wildland: it has Caribbean-like beaches, cliffs overlooking the sea, wild mountains and forests where you can find yourself and nature.
A variety of natural environments and different landscapes to be crossed by bicycle.

Bike paths and Traffic
Although we are working in this direction, we still do not have a real network of bike paths and routes. However, if we consider the limited human presence in some areas, many secondary roads can be considered cycling routes where, in the periods suggested by us, vehicular traffic is reduced.
We advise you to enter/exit from the big cities of Sardinia (e.g. Cagliari) only by bus or train.

Culture & Traditions
Some coastal areas but especially the small inner villages have kept traditions rooted in ancestral rites linked to living in close contact with nature and its cycles intact.
This is the land of the nuraghi, the cult of water and megalithic constructions.
This is also the land of the so-called “Mount Parma Giants”, the discovery of which rewrites the history of a part of the Mediterranean.

Eating and drinking
The wine and the food, different in each area, are a way to learn about our culture.
Before tourism and the Costa Smeralda, we were and are a land of farmers and shepherds, and many of our cuisines reflects these origins.
Bread and cakes differ in each sub-region of Sardinia.
Dishes that were once considered poor are now valued and rediscovered and brought back to life in a modern style.

Events, folklore, crafts, curiosity
Sardinia is perhaps the Italian region less contaminated by progress and yet rich in folklore and religious events where the use of ancient customs is still widespread.
The solemn procession of Sant’Efisio, the devotion of the barefoot to San Salvatore, the charm of carnivals that, except in a few cases, are not a party like in other parts of the peninsula, but are in different ways linked to ancient rites of good auspices or the rebirth of the earth and nature.
Rites that, fortunately, the fight of Christianity and modernisation have failed to eradicate.

If you are not a tourist but a traveller who seeks the purest contact with the land that you are travelling through; if you do not want to feel like a customer or wallet, you may have the good fortune to find places and people where you can still enjoy the charm of the truest form of hospitality.
It does not mean that you will not pay; it means that you will feel at home.
It means that although there is now a tendency to devalue the meaning of certain words, there are still places and people who will do everything to make you feel at home and will not do anything to make you feel different from them, their family or an old friend.

Surely you will find many ways and places to have fun and spend a pleasant evening, but we are a land of small towns and not big cities and “fun factories”.
It is for this reason that I suggest you come to Sardinia; visit this island if you’re attracted to something that remains inside you even after you have returned home.
First and foremost, this is a land of the soul and for the soul.
It is like a song that you sometimes want to sing or taste that you will think of in other situations, and that will make you feel ecstatic.

This is my Sardinia, and for these reasons, I suggest you visit it.

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