Top things to do in Cagliari for the last night

Top things to do in Cagliari for the last night

Here we are, at the end of your bike tour…
But don’t forget that your holidays are not over yet!
You still have some hours left to enjoy the biggest and liveliest city of the island: Cagliari.

We would suggest you start from the district “Marina”, the trade centre of the city in the past, that goes from “Via Roma” till the boundaries of the other historic district “Castello”.

From “Via Roma” you get to via Bayle, where you can immediately find a tiny characteristic shop called SABORES, where you can not only by the local produce as cheese, wine and beers but also stop by to taste a glass of wine masterfully matched with a piece of cheese with jam.

Walking through Via Bayle you will find typical Sardinian restaurants nearby Indian or Chinese restaurants and we suggest you do not miss all the small shops of regional clothes and handicraft.

Keeping this direction, go to “Piazza Yenne” famous spot of the city where people stop by to have a fast coffee or to enjoy an aperitif or an ice cream. We would suggest you take a break here later and to continue to go at the end of the square till Saint Chiara’s Church.
Here you will find a stairway to “Castello” district; don’t worry If you prefer you can also take the elevator!

We recommend you to slow down and lose yourself among the old buildings and the flagstones of this district.
Enjoy the atmosphere while walking to the Archaeological Museum’ s direction that you can visit from 9:00 am till 19:15 pm, then stop a bit inside the Cathedral of Santa Maria and the Palace of the City.
Now, after seeing the most important historical places in the district, you must be ready to go to the Bastion where you can admire the city and the sea from the top of its terrace.

It’s now the time to start thinking about dinner, so go back to the downtown and reach Piazza Costituzione. There are A LOT of good restaurants in the city that is impossible to write all of them down so we decided to give you some names where you can find something special.

If you are feeling like you need the last pizza before your holiday ends go to the pizzeria “ Sa Tracca” (Via Costituzione) and you will have a classic pizza or If you want to try something new, special pizzas reminding the island’s traditional meals.

If you are looking for the REAL “Casteddaia” cuisine (Casteddaia means from Cagliari in Sardinian slang) reach Via Sardegna 64 and take a seat at Locanda Margherita.
No fancy design, candles or modern-chic interiors here.
You will find simple tables and simples, but genuine, dishes with fresh seafood of the city’s sea.
If seafood doesn’t fit you today, try Sa Domu Sarda (Via Sassari, 51) our favourite typical restaurant in the city.

Are you looking for something that will stir your senses?

We suggest you try ANTICA CAGLIARI (Via Sardegna, 49) where you can find refined Sardinian food and an elegant and attentive waiting service.

If you are looking for a natural, biologic and vegetarian dinner go to GINTILLA, probably the best vegetarian restaurant of the entire island.

Well, If after dinner you are not done yet, or If you’ve been able to save a little space for the sweet, the ice cream from RITZ (Via Sassari, 70) is waiting for you.

Your day has (maybe) come to an end but there are still a lot of places to visit in Cagliari, just by walking or by bike, but you might need some more time.

That’s why we look forward to hosting you again and again.

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