Are you looking for a cycling or active holiday in Italy?
There is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean with a millenary civilization and a variety of natural environments that for centuries has fascinated ordinary men, explorers and writers attracted by the stories and the magic of this land.
There is an island in the middle of the Mediterranean where ancient rites and traditions still survive; islands in the island where life flows according to the rhythms of the seasons.
There are times and places just waiting to be crossed, waiting just to be felt with the heart and the spirit of a traveler.

Here are some reasons why you should visit our island

Sardinia is the second largest Italian island in the Mediterranean.
It has almost 2,000 km of coastline, sandy beaches, forests and inland mountainous areas that are perfect for mountain biking and hiking.
Its landscape that is different in the different sub-regions of Sardinia is characterized by thousands of nuraghi - mysterious buildings of the Bronze Age stone with the characteristic shape of a truncated conical tower similar to a medieval tower (outside) and a beehive (inside of).

At least 1500 years before Christ, while throughout Italy and almost all of Europe, the local population were still building  huts and palafitte (pile dwellings);  in Sardinia over 7000 Nuraghi,although archaeologists believe that there were originally more than 10,000,  began to be built.

A Truncated conical tower or more made up of giant stones joined one above the other which at that time were the highest buildings in the world after the Egyptian pyramids.
They are one of the main symbols of Sardinia and its distinctive culture: the Nuragic civilization.