The passion for the bike has brought us here and we have added the need or better understanding that it is the duty of all to protect the beauty of this world, this land where we have the good fortune to live.
As local guides, such as IchnusaBike and the ABT Association, we have in recent years created a network of contacts that allow us to enhance local cultures and productions and to give added value to our proposals that unlike the travel of tourism flee, they are transformed into real experiences that give the possibility to establish real contacts with people and places crossed.
We provide advice on the promotion of the territory by bike; we press on local administrations and public bodies so that they understand that the valorization of territories does not necessarily pass through the creation of useless and harmful tongues of asphalt that destroy old paths, roads and mule tracks full of history.
Aware of the importance of this means, the bike, within urban mobility, we collaborate with various associations for its promotion both as a tool for reducing traffic and pollution and as an instrument or practice of "re-socialization" ".
We take care and occasionally take care of recovering and operating old bikes that we donate for free to people looking for a means of economic transportation.

Environmental Responsibility
IchnusaBike is aware of the responsibility that derives from his actions and choices.
We are specialized in cycling trips and while we are aware that in many of our services, the support of a motor vehicle is necessary, we try to encourage customers to use, where possible, the synergy of the bike + train or bus.
We provide them with all the indications that reduce the wear and thus allow a longer life of the equipment rented.
In addition, we have favored the web channel with respect to printing of paper catalogs and worked on a site that allows us to manage customer requests and all booking phases without necessarily having to use paper.