The name ichnusa

Ichnusa is the name of the most popular beer in Sardinia that is produced not far from Cagliari but the name derives from an old legend.
At the time of the times, after having created the various parts of the world, the Lord set about creating Sardinia, He looked inside his heavenly expedition, but noticed that little was left to be able to forge an island; just a pile of poor pebbles.
But it was the uncertainty of a moment, assembled the stones, scattered them in the sea, and when he saw the last ones emerge with one foot, the first form of Ichnusa was outlined.
The work of God, however, was not finished, we had to add something so that life could be born among those bare rocks.
So the Lord took from the other lands what was missing in Ichnusa and, spread all over the stony base of the island, he cloaked it of a fantastic nature, then with a breath he created animals and men.
This in a nutshell is the origin of the name Ichnusa, which would mean footprint, the name Sardinia instead, derives from Sardus, hero bèrbero came from Africa